Arc Rated Protective Clothing

Arc rated protective clothing and equipment is intended to protect personnel against the thermal hazards of an electric arc flash event. The arc flash garments from Technical Services and Projects cc are manufactured from DuPont™ Protera®, Nomex® and Nomex® MHP NFPA 70E-compliant fabrics that are breathable, lightweight and provide electricians, utility workers, and other industrial workers with inherently flame-resistant protection that will not wash out or wear away. Independent tests have shown that garments made with DuPont™ Protera® fabric offer high levels of comfort when compared to flame-retardant treated blend fabrics of similar weight. DuPont™ Protera® garments have a better lifecycle value than garments from less durable flame-retardant treated fabrics. That is because Protera® is twice as strong as FR treated blend fabrics and it stays twice as strong even after 100 washes. DuPont™ Protera® has a patented engineered fibre blend to produce one of the lightest weight and most comfortable NFPA 70E Hazard Risk Category 2 fabrics on the market today.

NFPA 70E/SANS 724 Hazard Risk Category 2 protection level is guaranteed by the coveralls and workwear garments from Technical Services & Projects cc. Manufactured from single layer DuPont™ Protera®, Nomex® and Nomex® MHP fabric, the TSP conti-suits, boiler suits and workwear garments are the industry leading benchmark for exceptional protection, wear comfort and durability even in the toughest conditions. The TSP conti and boiler suits, with unique protective collars and elastic Nomex® cuffs, ensure the ultimate HRC2 protection during an arc flash. FR reflective tape improves day and night time visibility of the wearer.

To meet the requirements of NFPA 70E/SANS 724 Hazard Risk Category 4, multi-layered DuPont™ Protera® fabric flash suits are rated for incident energy levels of 55Cal/cm² and 100Cal/cm². The arc flash suits are available as single components or as complete sets consisting of an arc flash jacket, arc flash trousers with adjustable braces and high front for maximum upper body protection, arc flash gloves and arc flash hood with or without a battery operated ventilation system.

The BDS ErgoS-2Plus and BSD ErgoS-2Power face shields, rated at 12Cal/cm² and 26Cal/cm² respectively, have clear visors for true colour recognition (colour rendering index above 95%). Both the ErgoS-2Plus and ErgoS-2Power face shields are new generation face shields that use reflection technology to protect the user during an arc flash and to protect the visor from ageing caused by photo degradation. The lifespan of the polycarbonate visor is, therefore, extended well beyond the estimated lifespan of the face shield. Unlike face shields that use absorption technology (green or yellow tinted visors) that must be replaced every few years, the BSD ErgoS-2Plus and BSD ErgoS-2Power face shields have no restriction on lifetime and durability when used in accordance with the instructions for use. Classification criteria for defects are all defects and damages that are identified by the user during the visual inspection of the product.
NFPA 70E and SANS 724 require that arc rated balaclavas must be worn with arc rated face shields to provide complete head and neck protection. The BSD Novotex balaclava, rated at 34Cal/cm², is intended for use with the BSD ErgoS-2Plus or BSD ErgoS-2Power new generation face shields. The Protal 15Cal/cm² arc rated balaclava provides optimal protection when used with the BSD ErgoS-2Plus new generation face shield rated at 12Cal/cm². The BSD Novotex and Protal balaclavas are manufactured from double layer fabric construction and is machine washable and very comfortable to wear.
The APG and BSD arc protection gloves allow the user to work in close proximity to live parts to, for example, preform switching operations, insert insulating protective shutters or when it is required to insert or remove NH-fuses. Manufactured from special fabrics and leather, the gloves offer excellent fit and exceptional touch sensitivity. The APG and BSD gloves are arc tested to 32,8Cal/cm² and 18Cal/cm² respectively and provide protection against thermal hazards according to EN 4007:2004 and mechanical protection to EN 388:2003.